what is wifi monetisation

Whenever a user is asked to pay for accessing the Internet via guest Wi-Fi, it is usually paid. This falls under the direct monetization category. Indirect monetization constitutes paid advertisement. In today’s day and age, Wi-Fi has become an absolute necessity. It’s impossible to do without it even for the most basic tasks. Availability of wi-fi in public spaces is something that everybody appreciates and requires. Moreover, access to free wi-fi is public spaces like Markets, Malls, Cafes, Hotels, Airports is no more an attraction but is expected by most people these days.By partnering up with Telecommunication and data communications providers as well as Internet Service Providers, OmniWi Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. delivers seamless and uninterruped Wi-Fi Hotspots in public spaces for free. OmniWi provides ad spaces for various brands across industries with the objective to promote their product(s) or services to a varied audience. This audience widely varies in terms of demographics like, age, gender, city, state, etc.  Since these Hotspots are set up in multiple public locations that are frequented by a vast multitude of people across India, brands get to display and advertise their varied marketing content to a very vast and versatile target audience. This wider reach is also very beneficial when it comes to remarketing pre-existing marketing messages. Another way to monetize free Wi-Fi access to users is by capturing their basic information at the time of login or registering. Getting these basic credentials of users enables brands to target them for future campaigns and conveying different marketing messages. Wi-Fi monetization is a great tool to increase brand awareness through a variety of formats and also get organic views for video content. Displaying video advertisements to users increases engagement and generates higher revenue. OmniWi is an experienced player in the field of Wi-Fi monetization and has led successful campaigns for various leading brands!