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With Omniwi, there’s no need to exhaust your mobile data. You can save it for later!Omniwi is bringing free and public hotspots in all your favorite handout spots!Just 3 easy steps to access free and public wi-fi hotspot!

  1. Download the app
  2. Register once
  3. Auto connect to 5000+ Public Wi-Fi hotspots


Not just a free Wi-Fi provider! Omniwi is a useful tool for promoting your brand.We intend to help your brand connect with an evolved set of consumers and engage with them in a unique and highly targeted environment!.Expand awareness around your brandIncrease footfall in offline stores!


We are the chosen roaming partner for leading TELCOs, ISPs, and solution providers for a seamless and uninterrupted Wi-Fi access without tedious and repetitive authentications. Also entrusted with hyperlocal targeting for Educational Institutes, Shopping Malls, Airports, Cafes, etc. Join hands with us to ensure a free and seamless Wi-Fi experience everywhere!

who we are!

With the mission to help organizations in gathering location intellect which would benefit them in understanding their user behaviors in the actual world. It helps users in developing tactics to reach out to them with the help of location-based notifications. Our customized Console enables businesses to handle their notifications, geofences and statistics. With our OMNI Hyperlocal solution; Identify where your customers are, at what time, and when they want and need your product or service the most.

our services


Hyper Local Marketing is a micro-marketing process of targeting audiences in a highly specific and geographically restricted area. This area is as focused as one or a few streets. With the advent of the internet and advanced technology, promoting and creating brand awareness at a local level or in a specific geographical area has seen a big change in terms of techniques and strategies implemented. Hyper local marketing is the method used by marketers to focus their advertising and marketing efforts by targeting people using “near me” searches on their personal ..


Whenever a user is asked to pay for accessing the Internet via guest Wi-Fi, it is usually paid. This falls under the direct monetization category. Indirect monetization constitutes paid advertisement.In today’s day and age, Wi-Fi has become an absolute necessity. It’s impossible to do without it even for the most basic tasks. Availability of wi-fi in public spaces is something that everybody appreciates and requires. Moreover, access to free wi-fi is public spaces like Markets, Malls, Cafes, Hotels, Airports is no more an attraction but is expected by most people these days.


A geofence is a virtual perimeter or a kind of boundary of a real geographic location. A geofence could be generated around a point location or around a certain perimeter. A virtual boundary can be created around an entire pin code, a landmark, and also according to longitude and latitude. Hyper local marketing is a part Geofencing. The concept of geofencing is broader as it has the potential to encompass a larger area in terms of sheer size.


OmniWi Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides and ensures growth of your brand for it to reach its true potential. Through our services we make sure your brand achieves the following


At OmniWi Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd we focus our Digital Marketing efforts so that they result in more footfall in your offline store. With technologies like Geofencing and Hyper Local Marketing we can target an audience..


OmniWi helps you expand your brand awareness and enhance and widen your customer demographic with our various digital marketing strategies. With our specialized services like Hyper Local Marketing and Geofencing,


OmniWi Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers the specialized TrueView service that takes advantage of our superior Wi-Fi Monetization services. OmniWi delivers seamless and uninterrupted Wi-Fi Hotspots in public spaces for free..


Hiring OmniWi definitely ended up being an economical and smart decision! Our offline stores really got a lot more traffic just as promised! Kudos to the OmniWi team!

Vishal sharma

With the ever-growing and changing market, OmniWi made it very easy for us to stay relevant and stay updated with the times! Thanks, OmniWi!

sahil jain

When we hired OmniWi and we didn’t know much about hyperlocal marketing and its effects but let me just say we were thoroughly impressed with the kind of results we saw! It was lovely working with you OmniWi!

harshita agarwal

We hired OmniWi with the objective of increasing our offline store’s popularity and footfall. We didn’t know if it would actually work but the results really did leave us absolutely and pleasantly shocked! 

sukhdeep singh

The team at OmniWi is extremely cooperative and very nice to work with! On top of this our brand really did benefit from their services!

praveen shukla

 We developed a great partnership with OmniWi and their dedication to increasing our brand awareness was quite evident and proved to be very fruitful for us! We are glad to have worked with the OmniWi team!

rajan saini

OmniWi really offers such comprehensive services and they really do know what they’re doing and deliver the same. This may seem like a small and obvious thing but it’s quite hard to come by! Our conversion rates and store traffic really increased! Thank you, OmniWi.

prachi goyal

 OmniWi Network Solutions really did provide such amazing tools for our business growth and our conversion rates reflect the same! There is a noticeable before and after that we can see in our stores!

bhavesh bindal

Our business wasn’t aware of the geofencing service offered by OmniWi and we honestly weren’t aware of its impact at all. Now,  I would definitely recommend this for other brands that are experiencing any sort of stagnation in their stores.


OmniWi really did bring a very positive change for us and our store. We were a bit skeptical at first but our footfall and brand recognition have definitely improved a lot! Keep up the good work!


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