omniwi footfall

At OmniWi Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd we focus our Digital Marketing efforts so that they result in more footfall in your offline store. With technologies like Geofencing and Hyper Local Marketing we can target an audience within a particular radius. A Geofence is a virtual boundary or perimeter around a geographic location. The geographic area is pre-planned and can be of varying sizes, around a pin-point location, a particular campus, a street or a pincode to several kilometers! OmniWi promotes your brand and it’s offline or brick and mortar stores. This is done by targeting audiences that enter a particular geofence by tracking aware of your brand and outlet (which is in their vicinity) and attract as well as drive them to your locations. The main aim of Hyper local marketing is to move potential or existing customers from online to offline

OmniWi exploits the ‘near me’ searches and optimizes your content to leading foot traffic with hefty commercial intent towards your physical location. The amalgamation of the various tools employed by OmniWi drives audiences to your brick-and-mortar stores efficiently! People are moving their focus more and more inward, i.e. in their personal gadgets be it smart phones or personal computers. This is why traditional and conventional ways of advertising and promoting, like big physical displays and hoardings, etc. don’t have an impact anymore. For a greater cost, they don’t bring in an equivalent amount of traffic or leads to your stores.

omniwi awareness

OmniWi helps you expand your brand awareness and enhance and widen your customer demographic with our various digital marketing strategies. With our specialized services like Hyper Local Marketing and Geofencing, we make it possible for you to generate a unique and diverse audience that engages with the various promotions of your brand. Utilize the various effective techniques and services in the field of digital marketing and reach a diverse audience. Deliver your brands marketing content seamlessly across all your users’ devices. When a person enters a geofence, they are in a position to receive notifications and alerts like coupons, vouchers, time sensitive offers or offers to be redeemed at a later date, engagement features, security alerts, etc. These are just some of the various creative ways in which businesses can draw the attention of prospective customers. OmniWi is tailor-made to execute and deliver solutions for marketing objectives like product launches and tactical promotions. We make it possible for you to reach a contextually relevant audience! OmniWi has the capabilities to target your marketing messages across devices like mobiles, laptops and desktops.

Broadcast your brand’s content and advertisements on News Channels and Social channels effortlessly. Have your ads displayed on relevant social platforms and websites with OmniWi. For example, if you have a business related to the travel and tourism industry, then displaying your ad on the multiple travel company sites would prove to be extremely beneficial. Similarly, companies related to business or entertainment can have their business ads promoted on relevant channels and sites with OmniWi. Additionally, with services like Wi-Fi monetization, broadcast your message to a huge variety of people accessing our Wi-Fi hotspots in popular public locations. Moreover, OmniWi targets audiences across varied locations like cafes and pubs, hotels and lounges, historical locations, educational institutes, malls and local markets, buses and trains, etc. OmniWi creates dynamic digital marketing content ranging from from text, dynamic banners (unique banner format) static banners, Rich Media, and videos. Moreover, OmniWi targets audiences across varied locations like cafes and pubs, hotels and lounges, historical locations, educational institutes, malls and local markets, buses and trains, etc.

omniwi trueview

OmniWi Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers the specialized TrueView service that takes advantage of our superior Wi-Fi Monetization services. OmniWi delivers seamless and uninterrupted Wi-Fi Hotspots in public spaces for free. How this benefits your brand is that it / OmniWi provides ad spaces for various brands across industries with the aim of promoting their product or service to a varied audience. OmniWi is India’s largest Wi-Fi monetization platform that connects brands to over 10 million users each month and these users are spread across the country. Your brand can access this diverse user base and advertise and promote your marketing content be it static banners and posters or video content. OmniWi takes video advertisements to the next level! With OmniWi’s free and public wi-fi, your marketing content is displayed every time a new user logs in to use the wi-fi. Your brand can stimulate customer engagement by presenting video ads and garner a myriad of organic reach on your video ads. Brands can increase their ad revenue and yield a higher per-view rate on their video content.

Measuring viewability rate for campaigns according to MRC guidelines becomes possible with OmniWi. We ensure that the customer engagement with the other various kinds of marketing content like static and dynamic banners and much more. Brands can target a very specific as well as a diverse kind of audience depending on their need. This purely depends on the brand and their products/services offered by them. Audience varies in terms of demographic variables like age, gender, city, state, etc. OmniWi helps your brand unlock the full potential of location-based strategies by targeting Café’s and Pubs, Hotels and Lounges, Homes and RWAs, Malls and Local Market places, Buses and Trains, etc. Trusted by popular brands, OmniWi promotes your brand through multiple channels and conveys your brand’s message and marketing content to users through multiple platforms.