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With the mission to help organizations in gathering location intellect which would benefit them in understanding their user behaviors in the actual world. It helps users in developing tactics to reach out to them with the help of location-based notifications. Our customized Console enables businesses to handle their notifications, geofences and statistics. We are one of the few Tech outfit in India that is proprietary display platform, proprietary video ad-platform, an exclusive airport media company, a retargeting company, and also a mobile advertising company involved in helping brands to connect with an evolve set of customers and engage with them in a unique and precisely targeted environment. This benefits to catch consumer attention instantly and make an influence through enormous integration potentials. With our OMNI Hyperlocal solution; Identify where your customers are, at what time, and when they want and need your product or service the most.

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A serial entrepreneur with a track record of successfully setting, scaling up multiple ventures, largely in Digital Media space. Expertise in visualizing ideas into actions, while balancing the expectations of various stakeholders. Loves being called a start-up enabler

 Nishith learned the intricacies while getting his hands dirty, through more than eight years of experience in sales,ad operations,alliances,publisher management apart from founding an internet start-up early in his professional career. He has also successfully overseen campaigns delivery worth 3 million dollars directly or through heading large operation teams.He holds an MBA degree from Lucknow University in International Business and is a Certified Google Advertising Professional. He started as a sales professional, moving into ad operations and publisher relation manager for organisations like Indiamart,Infomedia,Google,Vdopia & Times Internet. In between he co-founded a startup selling LinkedIn,Expedia,Bloomberg & other top sites in Asia pacific markets.



Virender Pratap Singh has a Post Graduate Degree from Awadh University in Ayodhya. With an extensive background in Management Administration, he has over 18 years of experience.
Founder Member and director of OmniWi Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd.