Why Hyper Local Marketing Is A Step In The Right Direction!

Hyper-Local Targeting is a micro-marketing process of targeting prospective customers in a highly specific and geographically restricted area. This process is applied to drive foot traffic to physical stores and outlets. Before the development and widespread use of the internet, tv and radio, this type of marketing was the only available option!

Also known as local or neighborhood marketing, is the process of optimizing a brand’s website and online advertising to increase and generate awareness and also drive foot traffic to physical outlets in localized regions. Hyper-Local Targeting helps target the right people in the right context, at the right time!

This type of marketing is often done with the intention of targeting people conducting “near-me” searches. A lot of people prefer to “search online and purchase offline”- also known as ROPO. The near me search trend has grown exponentially in the last few years so taking advantage of the trend has proved to be profitable for marketers and businesses.

On top of this, many internet users expect their search engines to display local search results and expect the engines to take their location into account automatically.

Even if someone is not searching for a product/service provider specifically near their location, search engines still end up showing relevant and local results to them.

This demand for local search results is on the up and up and is going to generate greater demand for more personalized and localized results. Consumers as well as search engines are in favour of Hyper-local marketing so it’s a great time for brands to make it work to their advantage !

Hyper Local Marketing is a great amalgamation of the use of offline as well as online marketing strategies.

The localized search results is a boon for business owners and gives them an edge over non-local competitors through local SEO. By leveraging various techniques, tools and strategies of local marketing, businesses can convert local traffic and people in and around that community, either online or offline.

Hyper local targeting benefits businesses tremendously:

  • Brands of all sizes can benefit from local marketing.
  • Offers a low cost per target and allows for time-sensitive promotions
  • The marketing effort is easier to implement, personalize and measure. Personalisation of content and marketing strategies always helps build trust between customers and your brand and also really facilitates customer loyalty! With customization of marketing efforts in a limited area, one major benefit is that the marketers can identify pain points or a common problem that people of a particular area are possibly facing. This enables them to market content more effectively which would result in more conversions!
  • Engaging with potential and existing customers becomes really easy; through reviews and feedback and their interaction at stores. This also contributes to building a loyal customer base as well as improving your brand’s accessibility and making it approachable and trustworthy.
  •  The marketing costs are also reduced significantly as it targets people in a limited geographical area as opposed to carrying out national or even state-wide campaigns.

Omniwi-India’s largest WI-FI and Hyper-local Advertising platform- leaves no stone unturned when it comes to utilizing the right tools and location-based strategies for optimizing the offline footfall in your stores. By utilizing SSID, Geofencing, remarketing, PPC campaigns, etc., Omniwi doesn’t miss out of any source that could prove to be favourable and instrumental in growing your business!